Funded by: The Norwegian Research Council
Project Coordinator: University of Oslo
NIVA Leader: Dag Hjermann

OilCom, Long-term effects of local scale OIL pollution on fish Populations and COMmunities in the Lofoten-Barents Sea system, is a NRC-funded project (2016-2019) lead by the University of Oslo, and with Institute of Marine Research, NIVA, PINRO (Russia) and University of Washington (USA) as partners. The project aims to develop and analyse empirically based models for quantification of possible effects of accidental releases from petroleum activities at the cohort, population and community level for several fish species in Lofoten-Barents Sea system.

(Photo: Wikimedia Commons)

NIVA's role in the project is to contribute on population and community level effects, for instance how the the population-level effects of a cohort loss, and the effects of loss of prey or predators on the biological community.

Last updated 18.11.2016