PATCH™ - Passive Sampler

A revolution in simple and effective sampling.

Currently, passive sampling of water and air requires bulky deployment equipment which must be installed at the sampling site e.g., with mooring rigs in aquatic environments or at static air monitoring installations.

Both installation and retrieval of samplers from traditional equipment is time consuming and deployment is not possible in small channels and pipelines due to the inherent risk of clogging.

The PATCH ™ consists of a top frame with a base plate for holding combinations of receiving phases (sorbents) and membranes. The frame set can be held in place, magnetically or by using adhesives or expandable springs.

This allows the device to be mounted flush to a variety of surfaces in different shapes, eliminating many of the problems associated with existing deployment equipment.


• Easy to use
• Slim profile
• Inexpensive
• Light weight
• Simple deployment
• Hydrodynamic/aerodynamic
• Discrete (tamper-proof)
• Increased sampling rates


• Sewage and water pipelines
• Stream/channel monitoring
• Boat hull placement
• Ambient air sampling
The patch_1


Christopher Harman, Kevin V. Thomas, Ian Allan, Malcolm Reid.

ISO/TC 147/SC 6N “Water quality – Sampling – Part 23: Determination of priority pollutants in surface water using passive sampling” method compliant. The product is design registered: Norwegian Design No. – 083428

Last updated 07.12.2017