8.5.2021. A new postdoc researcher, Maria Christou, has been recruited for RiskAOP. Maria will start on June 1 2021 and mainly work on zebrafish in vivo and in vitro studies in the next two years.

Postdoc researcher Maria Christou. 

8.1.2021. An AOP project proposal on the development of mitochondrial AOPs (prepared by You Song and approved by Sjur Andersen) was reviewed by OECD’s Extended Advisory Group on Molecular Screening and Toxicogenomics (EAGMST) on December 17, 2020 and included in the OECD work plan (OECD project 1.92).

23.06.20 - The project kickoff meeting was successfully held online (via Zoom). A total of 17 national and international participants from 9 different institutes attended the meeting. During the meeting, the project leader You Song presented the project plan to the consortium and most of the participants presented their past/ongoing work relevant for RiskAOP. Fruitful discussions were then carried out to adjust the project plan and set up solid goals for the upcoming period.


riskaop kickoff zoom.png
The virtual kickoff meeting of RiskAOP was successfully organized via Zoom.


01.06.2020 – The RiskAOP project has been officially launched. 

29.05.2020 - The project kickoff meeting will be organized in late June 2020 via virtual solutions.


Last updated 20.05.2021