Funded by: The Norwegian Research Council
Project Coordinator: CCR at University of Agder
NIVA Leader: Dag Hjermann


SkagCore is a project funded by the Norwegian Research Council (2016-2018) lead by Center for Coastal Research (CCR) at University of Agder, with University of Oslo and NIVA as the major partners. The project will analyze close to 100 years' worth of unique data on fish biodiversity together with data on past environmental conditions (contaminants, eutrophication) obtained from sediment cores, supported by other long-term data sets. Such a unified analysis will enable us to identify how different parts of the food web have responded to a variety of environmental drivers (pollution, climate and fishing) throughout most of the 20th century. For this purpose, we have assembled a research team including top expertise on fish biology, environmental geology, ecotoxicology and state-of-the-art statistical analysis. In the project, NIVA leads the work package "Analyzing spatiotemporal patterns and trends of pollution in sediment”.

Last updated 12.12.2016