The Research Facility at Solbergstrand performs large-scale experiments in marine ecology, sediment research and aquaculture. We also test technology for treating ballast water. NIVA Research Facility Solbergstrand is located near the Drøbak Strait, just south of Oslo.

The station has 23 fibreglass and concrete seawater pools with volumes ranging from 26 to 550m³.  A number of smaller testing facilities on land and the seabed outside the station have been built to manipulate and control marine ecosystems. The station has 10 laboratories for experimentation and analysis activities, among them an authorised infection lab for fish and a special lab for working with radioactive trace elements. Two well-equipped workshops, a kitchen and meeting room for 24 persons are also available at the station.

Facilities at Solbergstrand

  • hard-bottom seashores
  • brackish water systems
  • seaweed and kelp communities
  • soft-bottom sediments from clean and polluted areas
  • pelagic communities from the upper water depths
  • a larger system to simulate mixing zones in rivers
  • testing of water treatment systems
  • We can simulate natural environmental conditions such as current, wave action, water quality and ecological community structures.

We lease parts of the facilities to business and industry and to research and development communities.

Station Manager

Per Ivar Johannessen

Contact information

Mølleveien 2
1449 Drøbak

Tel: (+47) 22 18 51 00
Fax: (+47) 64 93 32 12

How to find us (map)


Last updated 01.12.2021