ECO51 – SWiFT: Strengthening weight of evidence for FET data to replace acute fish toxicity

The use of fish embryo toxicity (FET) data for hazard assessments of chemicals, in place of acute fish toxicity (AFT) data, has long been the goal for many environmental scientists. The European Chemicals Agency (ECHA) has indicated that FET data can be used in a weight of evidence (WoE) approach, if enough information is available to support the conclusions related to the hazard assessment. To determine how such a WoE approach could be applied in practice has been challenging. To provide a conclusive WoE for FET data, a Bayesian Network (BN) will be developed in the SWiFT project to incorporate multiple lines of evidence (i.e., data from different sources) to predict AFT.

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Last updated 04.05.2022