CEFIC ECO51 final meeting 18 May 2022


SETAC Europe May 2022
Presentation (J. Moe)


CEFIC ECO51 progress meeting 17 March 2022


Meeting with ECHA 01 March 2022
Presentation (J. Moe) 


SETAC North America November 2021
Moe et al. Reaching the ideal weight? Calibration of a Bayesian network weight-of-evidence model  
for supporting animal alternatives in ecotoxicity testing


CEFIC ECO51 progress meeting 13 October 2021
Presentation (J. Moe)


SETAC Europe May 2021
Moe et al. Weight of Evidence by Conditional Probabilities: A Bayesian Network Model for Predicting Fish Acute Toxicity Based on Fish Embryo Testing.
Presentation • Video presentation • Extended abstract

Wolf et al. Regulating a SWiFT transition: a Bayesian network as weight-of-evidence approach to replace the AFT with the FET.
Presentation • Extended abstract


CEFIC ECO51 progress meeting 10 March 2021
Presentation (J. Moe) • Presentation (R. Wolf)


SETAC North American November 2020 (SciCon2)
Moe et al. 2020. From Weight of Evidence to Conditional Probabilities: A Bayesian network model for predicting fish acute toxicity based on fish embryo testing.
Presentation • Video presentation


CEFIC ECO51 progress meeting 23 November 2020
Presentation (J. Moe)


CEFIC ECO51 kick-off meeting 30 April 2020
Presentation (J. Moe)