• Funded by: EU-FP7 Ocean of Tomorrow
  • Project Coordinator: RBINS
  • NIVA Leader: Lars Golmen

Multiuse offshore platforms can host many services such as for aquaculture, transport, renewable energy and tourism. In the Tropos project, fifteen European and overseas partners cooperated in a design study to find the best combinations and technical solutions for applications in tropical/subtropical waters. NIVAs role was to provide guidance on ocean energy, OTEC in particular, and to elaborate on environmental impacts and socioeconomic issues for selected platform designs and configurations in the locations Gran Canaria, Crete and Taiwan. Efforts to minimize effluents were forefront in the design studies. Still remaining effluents and environmental disturbances were subject to extensive impact and EIA studies and assessments. The project reports were finalized in 2015, and more can be read on the project website.

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Last updated 07.12.2017