Ecosystem Functioning in Rivers and Riparian Zones - Water Special Issue

NIVA research manager Nikolai Friberg guest edits a Special Issue of Water, a peer-reviewed open access journal on water science and technology, including the ecology and management of water resources, and is published monthly online by MDPI. This special issue is now open for submission with deadline August 30 2020.

Rivers and their riparian zones are intimately linked and characterized by an interchange of resources across the land/water ecotone. The gradient environment of riparian zones makes them hotspots for biodiversity, and they contribute significantly to overall diversity at local to global scales. Riparian habitats moderate nutrient inputs, base flows, air/water temperatures, and erosion, as well as inputs of terrestrial litter into stream food webs. Rivers flood riparian zones, delivering sediment and nutrients, making them distinctively different in terms of soils and vegetation to the surrounding terrestrial landscape.

Furthermore, aquatic stream insects emerge from the river and move into riparian habitats, where they support a multitude of riparian organisms, such as birds and ground-dwelling invertebrates. Rivers and their riparian habitats provide a range of ecosystem services by, e.g., buffering impacts of hydrological extremes and offering the setting for recreational activities.

Rivers and riparian zones are under significant anthropogenic pressure, and the interaction across this ecotone has been lost in many systems. Due to the multifunctionality of riparian zones, conserving and restoring them could have significant implication in improving biodiversity, water quality, and benefits to humans.

This Special Issue focuses on functioning of rivers and riparian zones, from understanding the underlying mechanisms and processes to management options, including restoration strategies.

Read more at MDPI: Special Issue "Ecosystem Functioning in Rivers and Riparian Zones"


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Last updated 28.08.2019