Accredited Analysis

The section for Accredited Analysis Services consists of 16 researchers and engineers with a wide range of experience and expertise. The section is NIVA's contact point for mainly chemical analyzes that are carried out in NIVA's own laboratory and external laboratories.

The division is accredited according to NS-EN ISO 17025 since 1993 and performs a number of accredited routine analyzes (pH, conductivity, alkalinity, organic content, nutrient salts, metals, etc) in different matrices (water, sediment, biological material, sludge, etc.)

The section offers a modern and advanced instrument park including ICP-MS, Brooks Rand Hg analyzer, Ion Chromatograph, Scales auto analyzer, and element Analyzers.

The section also arranges comparative laboratory tests:

i) watercourses including drinking water parameters (not accredited)
ii) industrial wastewater (not accredited)

Read more about our services here: Water analyses, analysis, analytical chemistry, ecotoxicological testing, microscopy, collection of algal cultures

Last updated 21.01.2019