Monitoring technology, treatment of process water and sewage water, map-based presentations, diffusion models, restoration of water sources

Environmental technology contributes to solving central environmental and resource challenges in Norway and internationally. Development, testing and application of new technology is therefore an important part of NIVA's activities.



NIVA works with technologies that directly or indirectly improve the environment in four major areas:

1. Treatment of process water and sewage water

  • Measures to reduce the impact of climate changes in treating urban surface water runoff and sewage
  • Measures and treatment solutions to reduce metallic leaching from derelict mines
  • Technology to treat contaminants in industrial effluents and runoff from landfills
  • Improvement of treatment facilities in developing countries
  • Development and testing of technologies for the treatment of ballast water and water used in the offshore industry (injection water, produced water)
  • Modelling the fate of various substances in treatment facilities and transport systems
  • Water treatment and monitoring in land-based aquaculture

2. Restoration of water sources

  • Rehabilitation of water quality and biodiversity in overgrown rivers and lakes
  • Artificial reefs (in concrete, plastic etc.) to stimulate biodiversity or to restore flora and fauna in disturbed areas such as harbours and dumping areas
  • Liming to restore salmon stocks and plant and animal life in acidified rivers
  • Development of methods to assist the migration of fish in watercourses past hydroelectric plants and other obstacles

3. Monitoring technology, analyses and dissemination

  • Measuring systems (data retrieval with instruments/sensors, storage and presentation)
  • Guiding systems, for instance for liming acidified rivers
  • The use of numerical models through simple web-based solutions
  • Map-based presentation on the internet (geographical information systems, GIS)

4. Operational observation systems

NIVA develops, tests and uses new technology

We have multidisciplinary expertise in the use of available technology and integrated solutions in aquatic environments. NIVA contributes to the development and testing of new environmental technology. 

We have implemented numerous technology development projects financed by business and industry, public authorities, the Research Council of Norway and the EU Commission. 

NIVA contributes with scientific expertise in international forums, such as the European Water Platform (WSSTP) and the EU's water pilot projects.


Andrew Luke King, research manager, Marine Biogeochemistry and Oceanography
Anders Gjørwad Hagen, research manager, Research Infrastructure
Åse Åtland, research director

Last updated 31.03.2021