At NIVA innovation is about turning research results into new and socially useful services and products. This is a natural extension of our main assignment - gaining knowledge through research.

NIVA has expertise that covers all the needs of an innovation process:

  • A broad and multidisciplinary competence in aquatic disciplines, innovation and commercial utilisation
  • Experience in cooperating with and connecting clients, research communities and public authorities
  • Knowledge about establishing and running development companies

NIVA has several wholly and partly owned subsidiaries, both in Norway and abroad. Among these is NIVA-tech, which specializes in the commercial development of our competence, services, products and technology. 

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We mainly develop services and products for three markets:

1. Environmental monitoring

  • Ferrybox: A system for automatic collection of in-situ environmental data which is installed on commercial ferries and cargo ships (ships of opportunity).
  • ENSIS: Data tool for storing and evaluating environmental information.

2. Aquaculture

  • AquaStrøm: A modelling tool that simulates the degree of water contact between adjacent fish farms in order to predict the spread of viruses and other infectious substances.

3. Purification and environmental technology

  • BallastTech-NIVA: Centre for testing purification of ballast water, established at our marine research station in the Oslo Fjord.
  • DOSCON: A system for efficient dosing of chemicals in purification facilities.

Cooperation and financing

NIVA collaborates with commercialization circles at the Oslo Innovation Centre and at Campus Kjeller on the financing and development of projects.  We typically seek financing through the Research Council of Norway, (FORNY, IFU, BIA), Innovation Norway and the EU. Our work with innovation conforms to the EU's new Europe 2020 Flagship Initiative "The Innovation Union".


James Dedric Berg, Senior Advisor Innovation

Last updated 07.12.2017