Water analysis, analytical chemistry, ecotoxicological testing, microscopy, and collection of algal cultures

NIVA offers laboratory services within the areas of chemical analysis, ecotoxicological testing and biology. NIVA has broad and long established experience within method development, consulting and problem-solving within these areas and within laboratory quality assurance. The laboratories are equipped with advanced modern instruments for the delivery of high-quality custom analyses.

NIVA’s three sections for chemical analyses are the section for Pre-analyses, the section for Water Chemistry analyses and the section for Environmental Chemistry.

Water quality parameters and metals

NIVA performs routine determinations of water quality parameters and metals in both fresh and marine waters. Most methods are accredited according to NS-EN ISO/IEC 17025, under registration Test 009.

For more information on the scope of NIVA’s accreditation, please visit Norwegian Accreditation.

NIVA employees regularly contribute in projects to build expertise in water analysis, water quality monitoring and quality assurance of analysis in developing countries. In addition, NIVA has extensive experience in arranging Proficiency Testing (PT) programmes. The following PTs are currently being offered (in Norwegian):

  • Water courses, including parameters for drinking water (not accredited)
  • Industrial effluent water (not accredited)

New environmental pollutants and environmental chemistry

NIVA's personnel have very high competence within research and development of methods for chemical analysis, particularly within the field of new environmental pollutants, such as pharmaceutical products, narcotics and biocides.

Our employees contribute in the development of new sample methods (including passive samplers) for a number of organic and inorganic parameters.

Ecotoxicological testing

NIVA's ecotoxicology laboratory performs routine tests for determining toxicity, biodegradability and bioaccumulation of chemicals in conformity with international standards. The laboratory is inspected according to the OECDs principles for good laboratory practice (GLP) and registered in Norwegian Accreditation's GLP-register with registration number GLP 007.

Biological testing

NIVA has experts in diverse aquatic fauna and flora groups and we have our own labs for microscopic studies and investigations of fish and shellfish. NIVA also has a comprehensive collection of algae cultures that are used in research projects and tests of various algae types. Our Bio-Lab is an important tool in our work on biodiversity.

Marine soft bottom (taxonomy, field sampling of sediment and fauna) is accredited according to NS-EN ISO/IEC 17025 (Test 009) for NS-EN ISO 16665:2013 and NS-EN ISO 5667-19:2004.

Read more about NIVA's certifications and accreditations


Laboratory Director NIVA: Elisabeth Lie
Quality Manager, Accredited Activities: Synne A. Andresen
Proficiency testing: Tina Bryntesen
Section for Pre-analyses: Lena Haugland Moen
Section for Water Chemistry Analyses: Katharina B. Løken
Section for Environmental Chemistry and Technology: Malcolm Reid
Section for Ecotoxilogy and Risk Assessment: Adam Lillicrap
Section for Marine Biology: Paul Ragnar Berg


Last updated 01.02.2022