Working in NIVA

NIVA offers positions with challenging assignments and opportunities for personal and professional development. We have favourable pension and insurance schemes, flexible working hours, a company holiday cabin and an international working environment.

The Norwegian Institute for Water Research (NIVA) is Norway’s leading institute for basic and applied research on marine and freshwaters. The institute’s research comprises a wide array of environmental, climatic and resource-related fields. NIVA’s world-class expertise is multidisciplinary with a broad scientific scope. We combine research, monitoring, evaluation, problem-solving and advisory services at international, national and local levels.

The NIVA group has approximately 300 employees. NIVA´s head office is in Oslo with regional offices in Bergen, Grimstad, Hamar and Copenhagen, a marine research station at Drøbak on the Oslofjord, as well as subsidiaries in Tromsø and Chile. More than half of our staff are employed in research positions, and half of our research staff hold PhD degrees. NIVA's staff is multinational; representing over 20 different countries.

NIVA employees have professional backgrounds in a wide range of disciplines, including, chemistry, biology, limnology, geology, hydrology, environmental technology, ecotoxicology, oceanography, geography, resource management and environmental economics.

Approximately 20% of our turnover comes from international assignments.

Forskere i felt-10.05.2010002_foto Andre Stålstrøm
(Foto: André Staalstrøm, NIVA).

Researcher at NIVA - work diversity and great facilities

A research job at NIVA offers a combination of theoretical and practical projects, including fieldwork. We have our own chemical and biological laboratories, a marine research station, an algae culture collection and an instrument workshop. This makes it possible to set-up test systems and perform advanced analyses and experiments.

NIVA has data series that stretch back several decades. We utilise and develop advanced statistical analysis and modelling tools that are adapted and calibrated for our work.

NIVA's basic allocation from the Research Council of Norway provides researchers with the opportunity to build their competence through research and development projects and to apply for doctoral grants. We also enable our staff to hold part-time positions at universities.

NIVA offers:

  • A broad and international centre of expertise in the aquatic sciences
  • A great social environment among colleagues who express job satisfaction
  • Flexible working hours
  • Advantageous social benefits, for instance full pay during sick leave and maternity/paternity leave
  • Good pension and insurance provisions
  • A company holiday cabin
Last updated 21.11.2017