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NIVA er Norges viktigste miljøforskningsinstitutt for vannfaglige spørsmål, og vi arbeider innenfor et bredt spekter av miljø, klima og ressursspørsmål. Nå har vi flere ledige stillinger.

PhD position in Catchment transport and processing

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We are looking for a highly motivated PhD candidate with an excellent academic background in biogeochemistry and environmental sciences who seeks an opportunity to conduct research in an international and collaborative research group, including biogeochemists, hydrologists, modellers, ecologists and statisticians. The PhD project will focus on developing a better understanding of transport and processing of organic matter from soils to rivers to coast in boreal and subarctic ecosystems impacted by climate change. Of particular interest is the retention of terrestrial organic matter in the aquatic continuum. 

Application deadline: 31.07.2020
See full description and apply through Webcruiter
Further information: Senior Research Scientist Heleen de Wit

PhD position in sustainability science

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The 2020-2025 Asian Scientific Alliance for Plastic Pollution (ASAP) is a 5 years research programme funded by the Norwegian Research Council and hosted by the Norwegian Institute for Water Research (NIVA).

The ASAP programme addresses the socioeconomic drivers and environmental implications of plastic pollution and strives to find solutions to curb environmental releases with a core focus on Asian developing countries. Asia accounts for a predominant fraction of plastic pollution released to the global oceans, a problem that generates sever environmental and economic impacts at the global scale. ASAP is also home of an international knowledge-hub gathering international and local expertise and interests on circular economy, plastic waste management and pollution controls. Several research and capacity building projects currently on going in several Asian countries and managed by NIVA and partners are core initiatives within the knowledge hub. Research within ASAP applies a social-ecological perspective to generate knowledge and understanding to enable social transformations towards sustainable use and management of plastics. The programme relies on transdisciplinary collaboration with international leading researchers and environmental actors in both the governmental and non-governmental sectors.

As part of ASAP we are now hiring a PhD student to work on modelling plastic waste value networks in Asian developing countries, with a core focus on value chains involving the informal waste management sector as a key player in plastic circularity in these countries. The PhD will be hosted at NIVA and the candidate will have a formal affiliation in a Norwegian or international University. 

Application deadline: 31.07.2020
See full description and apply through Webcruiter
Further information: Research Manager Malcolm Reid, Research Scientist Luca Nizzetto

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