Ingrid Nesheim
Position: Senior Research Scientist, PhD
Phone: +47 406 49 410
Section: Vann og samfunn
Ingrid Nesheim is a senior research scientist at the section water and society and has been employed at NIVA since November 2013. Ongoing projects include: Myanmar Norway Environmental Programme, Integrated Water Resources Management, Institutional Building and Training II (2019- 2023); Fairway Farm systems management and governance for producing good water quality for drinking water supplies (, OPTAIN OPtimal strategies to retAIN and re-use water and nutrients in small agricultural catchments across different soil-climatic regions in Europe (, Alnaelvaprosjektet: en kunnskapssyntese og mulighetsstudie ( Previous projects at NIVA include among others, LIVAT – Lierelva Water Use Management Challenges; Assessment of the combined effects of hydropower production on ecosystems and the ecological status of rivers - in Bulgaria (; Integrated Water Resources Management, Institutional Building and Training (2015- 2018) ( GovClim (, SusWater ( Nesheim was previously employed at the Center for Development and Environment, University of Oslo, first as a fellow (2000-2006) and then as a researcher (2006) – October 2013). Her PhD work focused on the management and use of biological diversity in an area of new settlement in the rainforest of Guatemala. Nesheim has published in various international peer review journals and books

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Scientific articles and Bookchapters

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