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About us

The Norwegian Institute for Water Research (NIVA) is Norway's premier research institute in the fields of water and the environment. We are experts on ecosystems in both freshwater and marine environments, from mountains, via lakes and rivers, to fjords, coasts and oceans. We develop science-based knowledge and solutions to challenges related to the interaction between water and climate, the environment, nature, people, resources and society.

NIVA's main focus areas are research, environmental monitoring, assessment, consultancy and problem solving in support of decision makers in both the public and private sectors. We work locally, regionally, nationally and internationally.

NIVA was established by the authorities in 1958, and in 1986 it was separated as a foundation to ensure professional independence from the administration. NIVA has national tasks assigned by the Ministry of Climate and Environment.

NIVA is headquartered in Oslo, with regional offices in Bergen, Grimstad, Tromsø, Hamar and Copenhagen, as well as a large-scale research station at Solbergstrand near Drøbak. NIVA owns the research company Akvaplan-niva with headquarters in Tromsø and 7 local offices in Norway and Iceland. In addition, NIVA has subsidiaries in Chile and China. In total, the NIVA group has about 450 employees and a total annual turnover of more than NOK 700 million.

NIVA has a long tradition of international research collaboration and has a broad international project portfolio with a significant weight within the EU research system.

NIVA is one of the co-founders of the NORIN research alliance.