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NIVA has several wholly and partly owned subsidiaries: Akvaplan-niva, BallastTech-NIVA, NIVA Chile, NIVA China and NIVA-tech.

Akvaplan-niva AS

Akvaplan-niva AS is a research and consultancy firm in the fields of aquaculture, marine biology and freshwater biology. The company offers services related to environmental contaminants, biology, oceanography, chemistry and geology. Akvaplan-niva was founded in 1984 and is located at the Fram Centre in Tromsø. The company is wholly owned by NIVA.

BallastTech-NIVA AS

BallastTech-NIVA AS was one of the first companies in the world to establish a full-scale centre for land-based testing of equipment for the treatment of ballast water in accordance with the International Maritime Organization (IMO). The testing centre is located at NIVA's research station at Solbergstrand, 20 km from Oslo. BallastTech-NIVA AS is a wholly owned subsidiary of NIVA-tech AS.


NIVA Chile SA is owned 50% by NIVA and 50% by NIVA-tech AS. The organisation primary focus is to provide advice about water-quality and -treatment to the Chilean aquaculture industry.

NIVA-tech AS

NIVA-tech AS works with commercial applications for NIVA's competence, services, products and technology. 

In general this marketing involves: 

  • selling our competence through project assignments
  • issuing user rights through licence contracts
  • acquisitions of holdings in other companies
  • establishing new subsidiaries for further development of NIVA's immaterial property rights (IPR)



NIVA opened its China offices in the summer of 2017. The office is located in Beijing.