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Forskningsstasjon Solbergstrand sett fra luften.


The research station at Solbergstrand conducts experiments in marine ecology, sediment research and aquaculture. We also test technology for ballast water treatment and other water-related treatment systems. The research station is located just south of Drøbak in the Oslo Fjord.

The station has 23 seawater pools in fiberglass and concrete with 26 to 550 square meters water volume and several departments with different solutions and distributions of pools and tanks all built to be able to manipulate controlled marine ecosystems. The station has 10 laboratories for experimental and analytical activities, including an approved infectious disease laboratory for fish and a special laboratory for working with radioactive trace elements.

Two well-equipped workshops, a kitchen and meeting rooms for 24 people are also available at the station.

Experiments at Solbergstrand covers:

  • Hard bottom basins
  • Brackish water systems
  • Seaweed and kelp communities
  • Soft bottom sediments from clean and contaminated areas
  • Pelagic communities from the upper water layers
  • A larger outdoor flume system to mimic mixed zones in rivers
  • Testing of water treatment systems

At the research station, we can simulate natural environmental conditions such as currents, waves, water quality and ecological community structure.

We rent out parts of the facility to industry and research and development environments.

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