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Cecilie Singdahl-Larsen

Head Engineer
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+47 469 57 577
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Environmental Contaminants



Cecilie Singdahl-Larsen is a Head Engineer at the section for Environmental Contaminants. She works with microplastic analysis of different sample matrices, such as sediment, water and biota, by using stereomicroscope and FTIR. She has been at NIVA since 2019, and she has also helped with method development for processing sediment and biota samples for microplastic analysis, and helped with the making of reference materials.

She is an environmental geologist with a master's degree in "Environmental Geosciences" from the University of Oslo. Her master focused on chemical processes in water and sediment, contamination of ground water, mapping the environmental status in fjords by micropaleontological and chemical analyses. For her master thesis, she sampled sediment from inner Oslofjord by using a Van Veen grab sampler and Gemini corer. The samples were processed and analysed at The Norwegian Geotechnical Institute (NGI). The samples were treated chemically, and density separation was used to remove as much organic and inorganic material as possible. After treatment, the samples were analysed visually by using light microscope, and FTIR was used for chemical characterization. She also had a summer job at NGI, and analysed sediment samples from Arctic areas, and analysed samples from different beaches around Oslo. The results were presented on an event called "The search for the plastic" , arranged by NGI. The event was held for students and the purpose was to give them an introduction to microplastics. She has also worked as a course leader at Scientist Factory's summer school. The purpose of the summer schools is to teach children at the age of 10-12 about science, and one of the themes was plastic pollution.