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Beyond freshwater generation: Mineral extraction from seawater desalination brine and seawater greenhouse (SG) farming (Salt-Mine)

Project period
Norges forskningsråd
Contact person
Kuria Ndungu

About the project

Salt-Mine is one The Belmont Forum`s 13 collaborative Research Action (CRA) projects on ocean sustainability. The project is co-funded by the Norwegian Research Council and explores the opportunity of developing sustainable management options for seawater desalination including:

i) Development of better materials (e.g. membranes) and affordable chemistry for extraction of valuable minerals from desalination brine combined with environmentally better brine disposal methods.

ii) Development and piloting of effective seawater greenhouses enabling high-value crops cultivation. 

iii) Assess the impact of seawater intake and brine discharge to limit ecological disturbance.

iv) Analyse the socio-economic aspects upon the coastal communities with emphasis on coastal job creation, food security, and business development for value-generation.

Salt-Mine focuses on seawater desalination valorisation and environmental effects