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Data for water area charcterization and planning of monitoring – input of nutrients.

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John Rune Selvik, Sigrun Kværnø, Stein Turtumøygard, Eva Skarbøvik, Tor Haakon Bakken


The Norwegian Environment Agency aims at using numerical modelling for the purpose of coupling pressures and risks of not reaching good environmental quality, and for the selection of representative monitoring locations. The TEOTIL model quantifies the losses of phosphorus to water for the smallest official subcatchment units in Norway (the “Regine units”). Quantitative phosphorus losses are devided by water discharge to obtain theoretical phosphorus consentrations for small subcatchments and an environmental classification is applied on top of these data. This investigation encompasses some examples of map presentation of locally produced nutrient losses/discharges together with theoretically estimated environmental classification on a background of area types. Additional information on potentially losses of phosphorus from agriculture areas supplied via Agricat 2 and APLE enables increased understanding of the situation as basis for priorities for further work and eventual abatement planning.