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Monitoring TCM 2020 - Aquatic

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Cathrine Brecke Gundersen, Espen Lund, Merete Grung


Aquatic monitoring of three lakes, including drinking water sources, located in close vicinity to the Technology Centre Mongstad (TCM) was conducted to look for traces of amine-discharges from CO2 capture activities. Lake water was collected in January 2020, just after the completion of a longer test campaign at TCM, and analysed for the presence of amines, nitrosamines, and nitramines, in addition to selected water chemical parameters (pH, total organic carbon, phytoplankton biomass (chlorophyll A), and nutrient content and composition). Results from the lakes were compared to results from two reference lakes and to results previously obtained during earlier monitoring work. In conclusion, no traces of amine-discharges from TCM was detected: finding no amines, nitrosamines, nor nitramines at or above their respective analytical limits for quantification, and no clear trends of increase in any of the chemical parameters anticipated to be sensitive to amine-discharges.