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Satellite water quality monitoring: Status report 2023

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E. Therese Harvey, Sivert Bakken, Carsten Brockmann, Martin Böttcher, Anette Engesmo, Sigrid Haande, Carole Lebreton, Petra Philipson, Pipatthra Saesin, Kerstin Stelzer, Kai Sørensen, Jan-Erik Thrane


This report covers the 1-year status report of the project Vannovervåking med satellitt 2023 – 2024 (2025)/ Satellite water quality monitoring 2023 –2024 (2025) funded by Miljødirektoratet/the Norwegian EnvironmentalAgency (NEA). It describes the work done in Work package 1, 3, 5 andpartly 6 as well as plans for 2024. In situ data have been gathered for themost monitored Norwegian lakes (for ØKOSTOR and ØKOFERSK) and thecoastal stations included in ØKOKYST. Both Sentinel-2 and Sentinel-3data have been processed between 2016-2023. A demo viewer forexploring the data for some dedicated lakes and coastal areas has beenset up with granted access to project members. The infrastructure havebeen set up for the initial validation of 10+10 water bodies (WB) as well astests with MET and EUMETSAT for the future host of the service havebeen tested. The validation and evaluation of different algorithms of chl-aand Secchi depth data have started for the 10+10 WBs. The selection ofWB for the initial validation was based on water quality and opticalparameters to cover a wide range of water types and conditions.