Camilla H C Hagman
Position: Research Scientist
Section: Ferskvannsøkologi
Camilla H. C. Hagman has a masters degree in ecology from the Norwegian University of Life Sciences and did her master thesis on microbiology with support from the Norwegian Public Roads Administration. She has since 2007 been a research assistant at the section for Biodiversity in Freshwater Environments at NIVA. Her position at NIVA is mainly focused on maintaining the Algae Culture Collection, of which she is the curator and project manager, and also on taxonomic analysis and biovolume calculation of freshwater phytoplankton. Camilla is project manager of some of NIVAs surveillance projects, and contributor to several others. She has been involved in several research and surveillance projects at NIVA and at the daughter company BallastTech-NIVA, performing microbial and biological analyses and field work among other tasks. Camilla is co-writer and contributor to several scientific reports and papers.