Mats Gunnar Walday
Position: Senior Research Scientist
Phone: +47 971 51 705
Section: Marin biologi
Evaluating community structure on marine rocky shores and on hard bottoms in shallow waters. Study of development and organisation. Use of video-, stereo- and common underwater photography and ROV for monitoring, mapping and other purposes in the littoral- and sublittoral zone. Diving as a scientific tool. Impact assessment in the marine environment

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Scientific articles and Bookchapters

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  2. Ramirez-Llodra, Eva; Rinde, Eli; Gundersen, Hege; Christie, Hartvig; Fagerli, Camilla With; Fredriksen, Stein; Gitmark, Janne Kim; Norling, Karl; Walday, Mats Gunnar; Norderhaug, Kjell Magnus; (2016) A snap shot of the short-term response of crustaceans to macrophyte detritus in the deep Oslofjord. Scientific Reports ISSN 2045-2322. Vol 6 doi: 10.1038/srep23800
  3. Norderhaug, Kjell Magnus; Gundersen, Hege; Pedersen, Are; Moy, Frithjof Emil; Green, Norman Whitaker; Walday, Mats Gunnar; Gitmark, Janne Kim; Ledang, Anna Birgitta; Bjerkeng, Birger; Hjermann, Dag Øystein; Trannum, Hilde Cecilie; (2015) Effects of climate and eutrophication on the diversity of hard bottom communities on the Skagerrak coast 1990-2010. Marine Ecology Progress Series ISSN 0171-8630. Vol 530 s29-46 doi: 10.3354/meps11306
  4. Tveiten, Lise Ann; Schøyen, Merete; Walday, Mats; (2013) Håp for kjønnsforstyrrede snegler – overvåking av imposex og intersex viser at forbud mot TBT har hatt positiv effekt. Vann ISSN 0042-2592. Vol 48 No3 s325-332
  5. Bekkby, Trine; Moy, Frithjof Emil; Kroglund, Tone; Gitmark, Janne K.; Walday, Mats; Rinde, Eli; Norderhaug, Kjell Magnus; (2009) Identifying Rocky Seabed Using GIS-Modeled Predictor Variables. Marine Geodesy ISSN 0149-0419. Vol 32 No4 s379-390 doi: 10.1080/01490410903297816
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