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We are a competent group of marine biologists, with broad knowledge of both benthic and pelagic ecosystems. We helped develop the classification and calibration systems that form the basis of the Water Framework Directive and play a significant role in mapping important habitat types along the entire Norwegian coast. Since the pilot period in 2003, NIVA has coordinated the national mapping programme for coastal waters. 

We do our mapping and monitoring work by collecting data in the field and using drones and other advanced techniques. Our knowledge of habitat types, their services and their value enable us to set up realistic nature accounts. Through the section's long work with monitoring and research on biological benthic communities in coastal areas, we have built up a high level of expertise on plants and animals living on soft and hard bottom, including red-listed and alien marine species. 

The section has knowledge of marine ecosystems that enables us to advise the management authorities on how they can be restored. We can also estimate the consequences of new technology for coastal and marine ecosystems.