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Camilla With Fagerli

Senior Research Scientist, PhD
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+47 906 25 945
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Marine biology


Dr. Camilla With Fagerli is educated at the University of Oslo (PhD in 2014) and has worked at NIVA since 2008. She is employed as a senior researcher at the Section for Marine Biology. Camilla is a marine ecologist with expertise in kelp forest ecology, hard bottom fauna and shallow coastal ecosystems. Her research largely focusses on drivers of shifts between intact and degraded ecosystem states, such as sea urchin barrens and turf communities. Fagerli has extensive experience with monitoring, experimental approaches and scuba diving as scientific tools to explore effects from climate related stressors on marine species and communities. Much of her recent research has focused on exploring marine restoration techniques and nature based solutions, such as sea urchin removal, use of artificial reef and kelp transplantation, as measures to enhance kelp forest recovery and increase biodiversity in degraded ecosystems and urban areas.