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Invest4Nature (I4N) is an EU-funded Research and Innovation project that contributes to the development of a nature-based solutions (NBS) market.

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About the project

About I4N

The overall aim of the I4N project is to gain a better understanding of the economic and financial performance of NBS, considering their role for mitigation as well as climate risk reduction, to promote upscaling and investments in NBS, and to accelerate market uptake. The project has a strong involvement of stakeholders to co-produce solutions. On the one hand within several NBS Living Labs and on the other hand within a wide NBS community, new evaluation and financing approaches as well as tools are co-produced, covering NBS in different contexts (e.g., urban, rural, coastal), with a range of relevant stakeholders including project developers, decision makers and funding and financing and financing institutions. This co- process will account for the sizeable challenges and barriers to adoption and development of replicable business models, which - depending on the contexts - may include poor adaptation to given socio-cultural situations, possible ecosystem disservices, absence of supportive governance and financial instruments to stimulate implementation, low social acceptance lure to account for the true social value of the generated benefits


Expected Impacts

  1. The integration of biodiversity and natural capital into public and business decision-making at all levels
  2. The complete reshaping of economic, social and environmental benefits for a green recovery across all EU regions
  3. Management of climate change and natural disasters through the deployment of NBS
  4. Interconnections of biodiversity research across Europe through supported and enhanced ambitions of national, EU and international environmental policies and convention



  1. Creating an evaluation framework of NBS to facilitate robust cost-benefit analyses and the development of business models
  2. Offering evidence on the benefits in coastal, urban, rural and mountainous scenarios by evaluating 5 NBS Living Labs in Norway, Denmark, Poland, Austria and Portugal, each with existing NBS cases
  3. Developing a Decision Support (DS) toolbox to allow comparison of grey/green solutions in meeting investors’ needs and selection of NBS investments with maximum social impact


Funded by the European Union.

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