Øyvind Tangen Ødegaard
Position: Senior Engineer
Phone: +47 918 97 099
Øyvind Tangen Ødegaard started as a senior engineer in the Section for Oceanography in June 2021, focusing on instrumentation systems, sensor/sampling platforms and control/processing software. Øyvind is a marine engineer with a keen interest in natural science and work experience from both academia and industry. After graduating from Heriot-Watt University in Edinburgh, he spent about a decade within interdisciplinary research on observational systems and methods for physical oceanography, marine biology and commercial hydrographic surveys at NTNU/SINTEF, DeepOcean Subsea Services, and later for UiT. A variety of sensors on aerial, fixed, floating and submerged platforms were used to study saline/freshwater mixing, cold-water corals and bathymetry. Øyvind’s work focused on underwater acoustics, vehicles and positioning systems, with particular emphasis on configuration, post-processing, visualization and measurement uncertainty of ADCP (acoustic Doppler current profiler) measurements from AUVs (autonomous underwater vehicles). He comes to NIVA from NOV, Kristiansand, where he has done electro/instrumentation engineering, PLC programming and reliability analysis on marine/offshore control systems. Øyvind is configuring, piloting and processing data from NIVA’s Otter USV (unmanned surface vessel) for the SeaBee project, has taken part in assembly and field support of chemical dispensing systems for the Gyrklor project, and is getting introduced to the FerryBox systems.

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Scientific articles and Bookchapters

  1. Ødegaard, Øyvind Tangen; Pedersen, ole petter; (2010) ANCOR II processing and visualization software applied to Barents Sea ADCP and CTD data acquired by the HUGIN 1000 HUS AUV. OCEANS ISSN 0197-7385.
NIVA began to register scientific articles in CRIStin in 2010, reports from 2014.