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Sonja Kistenich

Researcher Scientist, PhD
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+47 450 70 691
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Sonja Kistenich has been working in NIVA's Oceanography section since 2019. She is a marine biologist and botanist with a degree from Rostock University (Germany) and a PhD from University of Oslo. During the last ten years, she has gained extensive experience within taxonomy of several groups of organisms focusing on marine microalgae. Her expertise also comprises various molecular methods, among others DNA/RNA extraction, PCR/qPCR, DNA sequencing including data analysis with phylogenetic software. She is also experienced in data handling using various programming languages.

At NIVA, Kistenich works on the microscopic analysis of phytoplankton samples connected to the large monitoring programs (ØKOKYST, Outer Oslofjord). She also identifies harmful algal species for the Norwegian Food Safety Authority's blue mussel program. Additionally, she is involved in projects using eDNA to detect signal species in freshwaters.