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To menn vendt med ryggen til kamera
Working at NIVA

An inclusive working environment

At NIVA, we create new knowledge that contributes to a better world, and our employees are our most important resource.

We want to be at the forefront of knowledge, so we must ensure that everyone can perform their best and use their whole self in their work. We have good arenas for exchanging ideas and sharing knowledge, socializing, and having fun, and we promote a balanced relationship between work and leisure. Most people at NIVA stay with the organization for a long time. That is something we are proud of! 

 NIVA works systematically to maintain and develop a good working environment characterized by diversity, cooperation, and care for each other. We have over 300 employees from over 40 different nationalities working together to find solutions for a sustainable future.  

 We are an important voice both regionally and nationally, with our head office in Oslo and regional offices in Bergen, Grimstad, Tromsø, Hamar and Copenhagen, as well as our large-scale research station at Solbergstrand near Drøbak. At the same time, we actively contribute to research in the international arena, and have subsidiaries in Tromsø, China and Chile.