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Working at NIVA

Career opportunities

Expand your horizons. Become part of a strong professional community where you can develop both professionally and personally.

At NIVA, we believe in investing in our employees, and you will be trusted and given challenging tasks, which we know is motivating for our employees. 

You have many opportunities through interdisciplinary collaboration and networking. Project work is the most important arena where you can use your expertise in new settings and collaborate with new colleagues in different networks.  For those with leadership ambitions, NIVA has a good tradition of developing leaders internally. 

At NIVA, we believe in interdisciplinary collaboration to solve complex environmental challenges. We have a wide range of disciplines and work for a more holistic approach across traditional disciplinary boundaries. With us, you can be inspired and develop through the diversity of perspectives and disciplines working towards the same goal. 

As part of our research community, you will be introduced to a wide range of collaborators, both nationally and internationally. This opens the doors for collaboration and knowledge exchange with researchers, organizations, and authorities around the world. 

NIVA has strong academic environments in both natural and social sciences. Our researchers have backgrounds in biology, chemistry, oceanography, environmental economy, social anthropology and social geography. 

NIVA is a research institute in continuous development, and you will not only have the opportunity to shape your own career, but also to help shape the future of research to find good solutions.