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Our customers have access to their own data through the Aquamonitor portal, which is a map-based display of environmental data. NIVA's digital solution also allows other interested parties to view the results.

Aquamonitor is NIVA's web solution for displaying monitoring and research data. In Aquamonitor you can search for measurement data using maps or menu selections, and you can export data to Excel or other formats for further use.

The portal presents up-to-date information on water quality in the form of maps and graphs. Our experts can also set up dedicated project portals for new geographical areas or projects.

Aquamonitor presents:

  • Data from selected stations in rivers, lakes, fjords and coastal areas

  • Data in the form of maps and graphs

  • Real-time information

  • Information updated as the data is analyzed in NIVA's laboratories

Visit the Aquamonitor portal here.

Please contact us if you need more information.