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The section creates tailor-made solutions for entering data in NIVA's databases, for internal and external use. Another important task is to submit data to the Norwegian Environment Agency's database Aquatic environment and other public databases (Artsdatabanken, GBIF etc.). 

Every day, data is generated at NIVA, both from NIVA's researchers in fieldwork, chemical analyses, and sensors in nature and on ships (Ferrybox). Our sources are satellite data. NIVA's long time series of environmental data are our heritage silver. The section's main task is to take care of these data in a structured manner, so that NIVA's researchers easily can extract and put together data, today and in the future. We are in the process of developing a modern, cloud-based storage system for this. 

The section creates map solutions and various forms of visualization of data in near real time, such as data from drones and other sensors. We also offer a notification system, by SMS and e-mail, when our measurements show that given limit values are exceeded. 

The section's expertise covers the entire spectrum of the data chain, from cloud storage to user interface. We have developers, programmers, front- and backend developers, GIS developers, biologists, and engineers. We also have a high level of expertise in data research and lead our own projects within this.