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New offices for NIVA Chile

NIVA Chile has had a very good development the last years, with five full time employees and a result of 0,9 mill. NOK in 2019. They outgrew their current offices, and after a thorough search, ended up purchasing a field 10-15 minutes outside of Puerto Varas last year. After six months of construction, the new offices are now finished.

The new building is 150 m2 with eight workspaces, a meeting room, bathrooms and dining area, a storage cellar as well as a room for processing water samples. The field is about 5000 m2, so there is also plenty of room to expand in the future. 

"The finalization of the new NIVA Chile office building is an important milestone for our institute and the materialization of this project will provide a significant increase in the infrastructure required to continue with the company's growth projections. During the last 6 years of work in Chile, we have achieved important goals and obtained very good results. Therefore, these new offices will offer us the necessary resources to support our strategic plans and the future expansion of NIVA Chile", says Xavier Gutierrez, NIVA Chile office manager.  

Frontis NIVA 12.04.2020
NIVA Chile in NIVA Blue (Photo: Xavier Gutierrez).
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