NIVA at SETAC 2018

NIVA scientists will be attending the Society for Environmental Toxicology and Chemistry (Setac) European meeting in Rome from the 14th until 17th May 2018. A list of the platform presentations and posters being presented by NIVA researchers are given below. If you are attending, please reach out to one of our scientists if you would like to discuss future collaborations with NIVA or if you have any questions about our research.

Platform presentations

Bioaccumulation of selected veterinary medicines in the blue mussel (Mytilus edulis)
Steven Brooks
Fate and effects of transformed Ag and TiO2 nanoparticles aged through a lab-scale wastewater treatment system
Anastasia Georgantzopoulou
Soil and sludge: A time and cost-effective method for extracting microplastics from complex, organic-rich environmental matrices Rachel Hurley
Mapping microplastics in sludge during a country-wide investigation of wastewater treatment plants Amy Lusher
Environmental risk assessment of multiple stressors - chemicals and ionizing radiation Karina Petersen
AOP-informed assessment of Endocrine Disruption in freshwater crustaceans Knut Erik Tollefsen
A tool for tracking complex ecotoxicological effect data after large pollution events with use of the Deepwater Horizon oil spill as a case study Jonny Beyer
From individual traits to ecosystem functioning: natural phytoplankton community responses under combined environmental stress and chemical pollution Didier Baho
Multiple lines of evidence for risk assessment of old sea deposits for ilmenite mine tailings in SW Norway Morten Schaanning

Poster presentations

Synchronous decreasing levels of tributyltin (TBT) and imposex in dogwhelk (Nucella lapillus) from Norway, 1991-2015 Merete Schøyen
Detection of oxidizing effects of hydrogen peroxide using flow cytometry as a high throughput method Ana Catarina Almeida
Silver nanoparticles affect the early development of Tisbe battagliai: pristine vs aged particles Anastasia Georgantzopoulou
In vitro effects on Eisenia fetida coelomocytes of Ag and TiO2 nanoparticles before and after wastewater treatment processes Anastasia Georgantzopoulou
Integrated exposure and effect database tools to support hazard and risk assessment Knut Erik Tollefsen
Linking mode of action of the model respiratory and photosynthesis uncoupler 3,5-dichlorophenol to adverse outcomes in Lemna minor Knut Erik Tollefsen
Epigenetic effects in Daphnia magna by characterizing quantified abundance of global methylation, gene expression and histone modifications Knut Erik Tollefsen
Multiple stressor effects of ionising (γ) radiation and non-ionising (UV) radiation in duckweed (Lemna minor) Knut Erik Tollefsen
Bayesian network model for assessment of fish embryo testing: a weight-of-evidence approach Jannicke Moe
Development of adverse outcome pathways for oxidative stressor-mediated reproductive effects in aquatic invertebrates Knut Erik Tollefsen
Characterizing estrogenic activity of Arctic char tissue extracts in two fish in vitro bioassays Karina Petersen
Plastics: does size matter? Impact of environmentally relevant nanoplastics identified in the Nordic environment Tânia Gomes
Runoff of microplastic from agricultural soil: A study in a semi-arid area Rachel Hurley
Mercury trend as a possible result of changes in cod age distribution Anders Ruus
Mytilus spp. as sentinels for monitoring microplastic pollution in Norwegian coastal waters: A qualitative and quantitative study Inger Lise Nerland Bråte

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