NIVA Denmark is up and running

September 1st 2014, NIVA Denmark was formally established. On September 3rd, this regional office hosted a meeting in the Danish Society for Marine Biology (DSFMB).

The DSFMB-meeting focused on Danish Action Plans on the Aquatic Environment. Some of the results are presented and discussed at Ingeniøren’s website. We do, despite huge reductions in nutrient loads, face a major challenge before we can attain a good eutrophication status in coastal and open marine waters of the Baltic Sea.

Click here to read more (Danish only).

NIVA Denmark Water Research is an independent non-profit unit focusing on research and consulting supporting evidence-based implementation and reporting of the Water Framework Directive and the Marine Strategy Framework Directive as well as other EU Directives.

Research and Office Manager is Nikolai Friberg, whilst Jesper H. Andersen is Chief Scientist.

See the entire NIVA Denmark team by visiting their website here.

Last updated 01.09.2015