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Monitoring of environmental pollutants in freshwater (MILFERSK)

The program will provide information on the occurrence and level of priority substances and water region-specific substances in freshwater fish.

Bilde av liten trebåt trukket halvveis på land.
Project period
The Norwegian Environment Agency
Contact person
Morten Jartun

About the project

Timeframe: 2013- (ongoing project). Last contract period: 2021-2025

Read about the program at the Norwegian Environment Agency

The aim is to monitor the environmental status and effects of pollutant levels in biota in large Norwegian lakes, and in particular to investigate whether environmental chemicals accumulate in the food chain. The program has studied the content of pollutants in the pelagic food web in Mjøsa and made comparisons with samples from Femunden and Eikedalsvatnet.

The project includes a compilation of the occurrence of a number of pollutants at different trophic levels and assesses the potential for biomagnification of selected pollutants, such as mercury (Hg), brominated flame retardants and siloxanes.