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Pollutants in an Urban Fjord

The program aims to map the levels of pollutants present in a fjord in a densely populated area and how the pollution is concentrated in the food web in the fjord system.

Bilde av vann og personer som jobber med utstyr.
Project period
The Norwegian Environment Agency
Research section
Environmental Contaminants
Contact person
Anders Ruus

About the project

Timeframe: 2012- (ongoing project). Last contract period: 2021-2025

Read about the program at the Norwegian Environment Agency

In this program, the Inner Oslofjord is used as a model for other Norwegian fjords with similar impacts. The program includes sampling and analysis of sediment and organisms in a marine food chain, samples of blood and eggs from glaucous gulls, as well as investigations of pollutant inputs via stormwater.

Relevant parameters include a number of "new" and "traditional" pollutants, such as heavy metals, organic pollutants and stable isotopes.

Data from the program will be used in international pollutant regulations, such as REACH and the Stockholm Convention.