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Monitoring and training program related to water quality and fish health in marine juvenile facilities

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Ole-Kristian Hess-Erga, Torill Vik Johannessen, Åse Åtland


Fluctuating and unstable production of fry is a well-known problem for many marine fry producers. This limits the development of new marine species and strikes individual farmers hard. Suboptimal operation, fish diseases and poor growth can have serious consequences both in the juvenile stage and in the subsequent grow-out phase. There is generally little scientific literature on production of marine fry although some species has been farmed for a long time. It is important to obtain this kind of experience and knowledge through systematic mapping and sound scientific research. Such documentation and experience must be transferred to the farmers in order to strengthen the development and commercialization of marine species. In this way it is possible to improve decision-making and raise the competence of the individual farmer. Adverse water quality is mentioned frequently as a limiting factor and a source of suboptimal operation.