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Statistical analyses of chlorophyll-a data sampled by a Ferrybox on the Oslo-Kiel ferry and by the NOVANA programme

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Jesper Harbo Andersen, Therese Harvey, Emilie Kallenbach, Ciaran Joseph Murray, Dag Øystein Hjermann, Trond Kristiansen, Kai Sørensen, Jacob Carstensen, Anders Erichsen, Lars Boye Hansen


This project has analysed a large chlorophyll-a data set sampled by the Ferrybox on the ferry between Oslo and Kiel and compared it with data sampled in the Danish NOVANA programme. A partnership consisting of NIVA Denmark Water Research, Norwegian Institute for Water (NIVA), Aarhus University and DHI has: (1) Collated relevant data (chlorophyll- a, salinity and temperature) from various sources (i.e. the Ferrybox on the Oslo-Kiel ferry, from the NOVANA programme, from satellite and from modelling activities), (2) assessed uncertainty for temperature, salinity and chlorophyll- a, and (3) transformed Ferrybox-based data to a data product aligned with chlorophyll-a data sampled under the NOVANA programme. The derived data product has been quality assured and submitted to the Danish EPA for their use regarding specific activities, e.g. Initial Assessments under the Marine Strategy Framework Directive and Water Framework Directive, Danish reporting to HELCOM and OSPAR and for reporting of NOVANA.