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Establishment of a demonstration system for integrated production of fish and plants (aquaponics) at the Bergen Aquarium.

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Ole-Kristian Hess-Erga, Åse Åtland, Olaug Vetti Kvam, Magne Berland, Espen Hansen, Geir Olav Melingen


An aquaponics facility was established at the Bergen Aquarium, and at the same time, the concept; integrated multitrophic aquaculture (IMTA) was presented. The system was designed to meet the biological requirements as far as possible, but the infrastructure and visual requirements of the Aquarium set some limitations. Based on this, important entertainment and information elements were identified and presented, but equally important, the development and dissemination of a teaching program was presented. The project has been completed according to the plan, and we believe that it has helped to make the concept of circular economics and utilization of waste, more familiar to both the public and for students. The Aquaponics plant has complemented the exhibitions at the Bergen Aquarium in a nice way and contributed to the attention of such sustainable concept to the aquaculture industry, the management authorities and future employees.