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Monitoring of Watercourses in the Municipality of Ringsaker

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Asle Økelsrud, Birger Skjelbred


The 2019 monitoring program of lakes in Ringsaker municipality aimed at obtaining new data and assessing the ecological status of the lakes Ljøsvatnet, Grunna, Aksjøen Kroksjøen and Sjusjøen, in accordance with the national water guidelines. The focus has been the degree of influence regarding eutrophication. There are a high number of cabins in the area, and within the catchment areas of all the lakes. At Lake Sjusjøen, there are also several tourist companies. Livestock grazing can also contribute with nutrients to these lakes. The ecological status was classified as moderate in four out of five lakes, and as poor in one of them. This means that the environmental goal of good ecological status was not achieved in any of the lakes, and measures to limit the supply of nutrients are necessary. It is pertinent to identify potential sources of runoff in the individual water catchments. This may be achieved through monitoring nutrient concentrations in selected inlet streams / rivers, both upstream and downstream areas with extensive development (cabins, hotels, roads). Updated overviews of which drainage solutions exist for houses, cabins, tourist establishments etc., and their status, will also be important elements in the further work to reduce nutrient runoff. It will be important to avoid encroachments or land allocations that may lead to increased nutrient load, as well as to implement the most cost-effective measures possible in order to achieve good ecological status in these lakes in the long term.