Adam David Lillicrap
Position: Research Manager
Phone: +47 982 15 407
Section: Ledelse, forskningsfaglig
Adam has been a project manager and study director of ecotoxicity tests performed according to regulatory test guidelines and according to Good Laboratory Practise (GLP) for nearly 20 years. He is involved in numerous international committees and expert working groups and is the Norwegian representative at OECD for the revision and implementation of new and existing test guidelines and is the Norwegian representative for the validation management group for ecotoxicity test methods (VMGEco). Adam is also the Norwegian expert for fish within the OECD and the Norwegian expert for ISO Water Quality test standards and was elected as the convenor for standards related to algae and aquatic plants in 2014. In addition, Adam was recently nominated to be an expert for the European Medicines Agency Committee for Veterinary Medicine Products (VMP) within the Environmental Risk Assessment Working Party. He has a thorough understanding of many different European and international legislations and regulations including VICH, OSPAR, GHS, CLP and REACH. He was responsible for writing the first ever restriction dossier generated for the European Chemicals Agency (ECHA). He routinely reviews chemical dossiers for the Norwegian Competent Authority (Miljødirektoratet) and has written Chemical Safety Reports and Substance Evaluations for both Miljødirektoratet and external customers. Adams main interests involve understanding how chemicals are regulated within an environmental context, and how to influence policy making decisions for regulatory frameworks. More recently, Adams focus has been towards understanding the realistic effects of veterinary medicine products (VMPs) used in aquaculture and developing integrated test strategies for improving environmental risk assessments of VMPs. Adam is the Research Manager for the Ecotoxicology and Risk Assessment section at NIVA and is also the GLP manager.

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Scientific articles and Bookchapters

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