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The section carries out fate and effect studies according to standardised regulatory accepted test methods (e.g. OECD and ISO) but also non-standard bespoke studies. 

Our experts assess risk by comparing the harmful effects of chemical on aquatic organisms. We have expertise in bioaccumulation, biodegradation and ecotoxicity tests. This enables us to develop and carry out complex ecotoxicity tests tailored to our customers' needs. 

Our studies range from small-scale systems with algae and invertebrates to large-scale fish studies in marine flow through systems. In addition, we have access to one of the largest collections of algae species in Europe through NIVA's algae culture collection. 

We use methods such as NIVA's Computational Toxicology Program (NCTP), Bayesian network modelling, fate assessments, biological effect assessments and biological monitoring. The section uses in silico techniques and performs both in vitro and in vivo assays.