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Aina Charlotte Wennberg

Research Scientist
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+47 977 60 035
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Aina Charlotte Wennberg holds a MSc Tech in chemistry and biotechnology from NTNU and is specialized in microbiology.

Wennberg has been working at NIVA since 2010 on projects related to testing of treatment technology related to ballast water, disinfection of microorganisms and hygienic drinking and bath water quality in addition to testing and assessment of biodegradation of chemicals. She has also been involved with projects related to aquaculture, such as disinfection of the amoebae that causes AGD. She has international experience from working in projects in both India and Hungary.

Her specialization is within microbiology, and she performs both culture and molecular methods for detection of bacteria. She is qualified as study director and test personnel in the GLP (Good Laboratory Practice) system for biodegradation tests according to OECD 301 and 306. She is currently doing a PhD on the topic of improving methods for persistence assessments of chemicals.