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Marine resources are becoming increasingly important. It is therefore crucial that we manage them reasonably. 

If the UN population projections prove accurate, by 2060, there will be more than 10 billion people on Earth. How can we manage to feed all these when we know that the supply of arable topsoil is steadily deteriorating? 

We are already harvesting marine resources through both wild fishing and aquaculture. The potential for growth is huge, especially in aquaculture – which includes farming and cultivation of fish, shellfish, seaweed and kelp. However, it is crucial that this growth takes place in a sustainable way. 

To develop the industry in the right direction, we must place more emphasis on circular economy, good fish welfare, reduced environmental impact, new technology and new species. Cultivation of micro- and macroalgae and other low-trophic species, species low in the food chain, is increasing. NIVA contributes both to cultivation and to ensuring good management of these new farmed species. 

This is how NIVA contributes 

We offer a range of aquaculture services and participate in several research projects along the entire value chain. Therefore, NIVA can be a useful partner in research, consultancy and investigation of issues related to the establishment, operation and further development of businesses. 

We divide our aquaculture services into three areas: 

  • Fish production and welfare 

  • Environmental impact 

  • Capacity building 

Why does NIVA work with aquaculture? 

The world needs a green transition that takes nature's tolerance limits into account. The aquaculture industry is of great economic importance to Norway and has an important role in global food production. However, further growth requires that the industry manages to strengthen its sustainability. For NIVA, it is essential to ensuring that our common water resources used for aquaculture are used optimally and with the least possible negative impact on the environment. 

Please contact us if you want to use our services, or just want to know more about what we can offer. 

The NIVA group has several wholly owned subsidiaries with solid expertise in aquaculture. Akvaplan-niva is the largest, and has a large aquaculture portfolio in both consultancy and R&D. In a number of our projects, we work closely with Akvaplan-niva.

Please visit the Akvaplan-niva website for more information.


More aquaculture services

For details on products and more information about NIVA's aquaculture services, see (external website).

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