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With its professional breadth, holistic approach and good analytical skills, NIVA, together with the subsidiaries Akvaplan-niva and NIVA Chile, are useful partners in research, consulting and investigation of issues related to the establishment, operation and further development of the aquaculture industry. 

The section has academic expertise combined with good knowledge of the aquaculture industry. We have professional breadth and collaborate well across both the section and with NIVA's other expertise. We have an interdisciplinary and practically oriented way of working, a holistic approach, good analytical facilities, and an accredited laboratory. 

We work closely with industry actors, public administration, and other research communities, nationally and internationally, to promote a sustainable aquaculture industry. NIVA helps to ensure that the part of our common water resources that are allocated for aquaculture purposes is used in the best possible way, with the least possible negative impact on the environment. 

The section's experts monitor and improve water quality and fish welfare and develop new methods for water treatment.  We assist with acute fish deaths in both hatcheries and fish farms and provide advice related to the treatment of fish in closed systems. 

We use modern monitoring methods and advise on the location and use of drains. The section offers courses in fish welfare, water quality and RAS.