Camilla With Fagerli
Position: Senior Research Scientist, PhD
Phone: +47 906 25 945
Camilla With Fagerli is employed as Senior Research Scientist at NIVA, section for marine biology since 2008. Her main qualifications include kelp forest ecology, sea urchin overgrazing, environmental monitoring effects of environmental change; classification and valuation of marine habitats and hard bottom fauna taxonomy. Camilla has broad experience from fieldwork and experimental design. Scientific tools in field includes mapping of species and habitats using submersible underwater camera and identifying benthic fauna in situ by snorkelling and by SCUBA diving. As part of NIVAs scientific diving team; she has since 2008 played a key role as diving scientist in national coastal monitoring programs. She received her Ph.D. within the field of sea urchin and kelp forest dynamics at the University of Oslo in February 2014, after finishing a four-year scholarship funded by the Norwegian Research Council (NFR) and NIVA.

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Scientific articles and Bookchapters

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